Erica Williams Illustration and Design | Surly Brewing Nein Label
Erica Williams is an illustrator and designer specializing in screen printed posters and intricate drawings.
surly, brewing, nein, beer, label, german, todd, lion, 9, nine, oak, heraldry, erica williams, illustration, poster, tee, apparel, bottle
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Surly Nein

  • Surly Nein label by Erica Williams
  • Nein Hoodie by Erica Williams
  • Surly Nein tee by Erica Williams
  • Surly Nein poster by Erica Williams
  • Nein Variant Poster by Erica Williams
Lettering, Packaging, Poster
About This Project

Client: Surly Brewing

My final act as the 2014 Surly Brewing Artist of the Year was to create a label for their anniversary beer. Nein was born, a german ale. The label is based off the number 9, ideas of luck, traditional German heraldry, and represents Surly’s 9th Anniversary.

The inspiration came from a trip that head brewer Todd Haug took to Bamberg to visit the Weyermann facility. NEIN draws from the traditional banana and clove notes of hefeweizen yeasts and layers on deeper toned malt flavors, a distinctly smoky character from oak-smoked wheat malt and charred “honeycombs” of white oak.