Erica Williams Illustration and Design | The Obsidian Garden
Gouache paintings for Talon Gallery in Portland for "The Obsidian Garden" by Erica Williams
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Obsidian Garden

  • Lycaon Pictus by Erica Williams
  • Pseudoryx Nghetinhensis by Erica Williams
  • Sarcophilus Harrisii by Erica Williams
Gouache, Original
About This Project

Gallery: Talon

GouacheĀ paintings for Talon Gallery in Portland for “The Obsidian Garden” alongside Jennifer Parks and Mike Egan. These pieces highlight endangered animals, the Saola, Tasmanian Devil, and African Wild Dog, alongside poisonous flowers. Meant to bring attention to the need for wildlife conservation.

All paintings measure 8×10″


View all pieces in the show or purchase.