Erica Williams Illustration and Design | Jewel of Hammond for Mondo's "When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth"
Erica Williams is an illustrator and designer specializing in screen printed posters and intricate drawings.
jurassic park, mondo, mondo tees, jewel of hammond, dinosaur, when dinosaurs ruled the earth, gouache, original, gallery
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Jewel of Hammond

  • Jewel of Hammond by Erica Williams
Gouache, Original
About This Project

Gallery: Mondo

Mondo celebrated the release of the new movie “Jurassic World” and the history of the  Jurassic Park franchise with a gallery show “When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth” in Austin. “Jewel of Hammond” is a gouache and ink piece inspired by the feeling of discovery and Dr. Hammond’s famous amber mosquito cane for my submission to the show. This little velociraptor preserved in amber is an 8×10″ on Arches Watercolor paper.