Erica Williams Illustration and Design | Hind of Cerynria art print for "Labours of Hercules" at Bottleneck Gallery
Erica Williams is an illustrator and designer specializing in screen printed posters and intricate drawings.
hercules, hind of cerynria, bottleneck gallery, famp art, art print poster, erica williams, labours of hercules, illustration, deer, stag, hind
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Hind of Cerynria

Original, Poster
About This Project

Gallery: Bottleneck Gallery and FAMP Art

Three color screen print for “The Labours of Hercules” at Bottleneck Gallery presented by FAMP Art. The show featured work from twelve artists who each took on subject matter from one of the twelve Labours of Hercules in traditional mythology. My labor, the second, features Hercules being tasked with hunting and bringing the goddess Diane’s favored stag, known as the Hind of Cerynria, to the gods. Knowing the stag was favored by Diane and not wanting to hurt it and incur her wrath he spent days tracking the deer before finally capturing it, unharmed, and delivering it to the gods without angering Diane.

The print is on Steel Grey French Paper and has metallic gold ink.