Erica Williams Illustration and Design | Biography and Information for Illustrator Erica Williams
Erica Williams is an illustrator and designer specializing in screen printed posters and intricate drawings.
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Erica Williams draws things, enjoys tea, and hates talking about herself in the third person. She also is obsessed with cats, sugar gliders, and all things generally considered cute. But you aren’t here to hear about how much she loves cute things. You are here because of the drawing stuff part. Well here is a little bit of info about her.


I am an illustrator currently living and working in Minneapolis, MN but am originally from Colorado Springs, CO. I’m known for intricate and detailed illustrations of flora and fauna as well as custom typography and screen printed posters. I enjoy nature and seeing the world around me, smelling leaves, laying in grass, and listening to the wind. In addition to my kitty friends at home I make serious attempts at befriending wild animals I meet, although it makes me very sad it doesn’t always work out. In addition to loving nature and animals I am also heavily influenced by history, fiber arts, tattoo culture, folklore, fables, and mythology.


I attended Kansas City Art Institute for a while before moving to Minneapolis, and became a freelance illustrator in 2012. Since then I have created posters, album art, t-shirts, identity, print advertisements, visual identities, and various merchandise for a variety of clients and industries. I love opportunities to work in new industries so please don’t hesitate to contact me even if you aren’t sure I “do that kind of work.”

Erica Williams

Check out my collaboration Gallow, with Teagan White


Here are some of the kinds of projects I specialize in taking on. I do enjoy taking on new kinds of work though so please feel free to ask if you are interested in something not listed.

  • Illustration
  • Hand Lettering
  • Printmaking
  • Design


Chrome Industries, The Black Keys, Dave Matthews Band, Surly Brewing, The Head and The Heart, Carleton College, Swarthmore College, Summit Brewing, Black Dragon Press, QBP, The Mountain Goats, The Avett Brothers, and The Tallest Man on Earth.



If you are looking for the answer to a common question, have a concern with your order, or would like to know about my return policy please visit the FAQ page. You’ll probably find what you’re looking for there.



Sega is the polydactyl princess. Her responsibilities include being the official studio mascot, project management, furrier, morale control, and provider of fluff.


aka SegaActionKitty, Pumpkin, and Mewtant


I embraced being a cat lady early in life, and a large part of what makes it so great being a freelancer is working with my little furballs all day. So in the spirit of celebrating my cat lady title and to give them the credit they deserve as my adorable interns. Please meet the kitterns!


Max is a sweetheart who loves chasing his tail. His primary responsibilities include tape taste testing, providing ample cat hair in orders, and studio morale.


aka Little Buddy

Zeti is the smallest of the kitterns. Her responsibilities include keyboard warmth assurance and general mischief.


aka Zeti, Zeti Yeti, and Tiny Wonder

Starr is an absolute doll of a cat with the temperament of an affection loving mother kitty. Her primary jobs are kiss giving, lap sitter, and project management.


aka Big Kitty, Big Starr

Holly was a stray who wandered into our yard one day. We fell in love with her and adopted her into our little pride. Her responsibilities include warmth provider, bird watcher, and bag sitter.


aka Holly Polly, Penguin, and Panda

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